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Football: Top 6 Highest-Paid Players in 2022

Football: Top 6 Footballers Salary in 2020


The Coronavirus pandemic interrupted tournaments in the first half of the year and left players with uncertainties. We are expecting this year everything will be alright, and they will get back their previous rewards.

However, Forbes released the top footballers’ salary in 2022. The first places remain in the icons of always: Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar. 

However, we can also see some names coming to the top 10 list for the first time with some of the best salaries in the leagues in Europe, with several million generated through the use of their image on different platforms or products. 

Lionel Messi

Football: Top 6 Footballers Salary in 2020

Leader of the list, being the player with the most money generated due to his work on the field, with a salary of 74.8 million euros, however, adding all his fortunes, the man accumulated more than 102.5 million in total. Departure from Barcelona, ​​he could face a better salary and more publicity than in other seasons. So this 2021, he could also surpass Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Football: Top 6 Footballers Salary in 2020

Second place on the list, received first place last year. The man has a salary of 57 million euros from Juventus. He exceeded 95 million for his business dealings and his advertising through Instagram. Unlike other years, the footballer did not have so many gains.

Neymar Jr.

Football: Top 6 Footballers Salary in 2020

The PSG icon, who does not seem to diminish his quality of play, receives a higher salary than Cristiano Ronaldo (63.4 million euros). Besides, He has earned over 15 million euros through sponsorships.

Kylian Mbappé

Football: Top 6 Footballers Salary in 2020

The French icon no longer achieves such an exorbitant amount as that of his colleagues, with a salary of 22.7 million from PSG, earning just over 12 million from his other deals. 

Mohamed salah

Football: Top 6 Footballers Salary in 2020

Salah has become another recent soccer icon, being one of Liverpool’s key players. With a salary of 19.5 million, he also managed to make 30 million through sponsorships. 

Paul Pogba

Football: Top 6 Footballers Salary in 2020

The Manchester United star earned $22.8 million last year. Besides, $5 million through sponsorships.

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Written by Cristopher Toselli

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